IPRUS.NET, LLC Recurring Hosting Costs

$30 Monthly Basic Hosting

Service includes use of web and email server, 500MB of storage, FTP access, PHP usage, MySQL usage, (AwStats) web page access statistics, up to 20 email accounts, 500MB email account limits, unlimited email aliases, spam filtering, virus filtering, email redirects and groups, email autoresponders (vacation messages), webmail, and an email configuration utility.

500MB of storage is the minimal disk space for a small website and one email box. Additional disk space may be needed for larger sites, sites that require multiple email boxes and customers who use the IMAP protocol rather than the POP3 protocol for email accounts.

$40 Monthly Advanced Hosting

Same as Basic Hosting, but with 1GB of storage and 1GB email account limits.

$50 Monthly Premium Hosting

Same as Basic Hosting, but with 10GB of storage and 10GB email account limits.

$10 Monthly Additional 5GB of disk storage.
$10 Monthly Use of Typo3 or WordPress Content Management System
$10 Monthly Weekly Search Engine Vigilance
$5 Monthly Domain name alias, forward or redirect
$50 Monthly HTTPS usage fee
$10 Monthly Reverse DNS lookups in AwStats
$10 Monthly Unique public IP
$200 Annual Domain specific SSL Certificate

IPRUS.NET, LLC Non-recurring Hosting and Development Costs


Initial 5 year domain name registration

Customers may optionally register their domain themselves with GoDaddy, Network Solutions or other registrars. Use and as the domain name servers. Don’t lose the registration login and don’t allow a registration to expire. An expired registration will be immediately re-registered by businesses who will charge you upwards of $1,500 to get the domain name back.

$140 Renew 5 year domain name registration
$10 Change e-mail account configuration for a customer (A utility is available for customers to do this themselves.)
$10 Change a password
$25 Enable a domain disabled for non-payment
$25 Set up or change DNS parameters for a server NOT hosted by IPRUS.NET, LLC (e.g. in-house or 3rd-party web or email server)
$50/hr Hourly fee for services not covered by fixed charges
$25 Minimum charge for services not covered by fixed charges


With the exception of dedicated server sales, there is no term for services.

All monthly billing is in advance. The invoices for monthly services can cover a month or a quarter, depending on the customer’s preference.

Payment is due within 20 days of invoicing (NET 20). Late payment is subject to late fees. Services may be disabled for accounts where payment is overdue.

Service may be immediately disabled if services are used for distribution of spam (unsolicited email advertisement), any attempt to hack other computers or websites, or reference any adult content. Services may be disabled if used for illegal activity. IPRUS.NET, LLC is the sole judge of what constitutes hacking, spam, adult content and illegal activity.

Files and software developed for the customer that can be accessed by the general public and saved with a Web browser are the property of the IPRUS.NET, LLC customer. Unless specifically exempted from this provision, other website related files and software are the property of IPRUS.NET, LLC or its vendors.